Anime Dreams Made Live Action

Personally, I am not too affected (not "too" much anyways) by the casting decisions for the upcoming live action GHOST IN THE SHELL movie (until I watch the final result for myself anyways :p), not as much as I am bracing myself for the iconic visual splendour seen in the anime, for if these did not exist nor replicated with awesomeness as the result. I'd be pretty darn disappointed and pissed, actually!

GITS is the sum of it's characters, situations and environment, and singular "casting" itself is not enough to bring the film down, IMHO. Or so I hope against all hope that all will be well ... although ironically, anime films such as GITS and AKIRA remain such memorable darlings in my/our collective psyches, these are films that I wished remain as such, and not be adapted into live action and it's ilk, as it would be compared against the classic animated versions of it, regardless of what folks hope otherwise.

The above version is in itself a remake of the OG GITS film, as seen in ARISE - a prequel of GITS / Section 9.

Nothing wrong with a "remake" - either do a much better version of it, or simply don't frak it up.


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