Tokyo Trailer Launch for GHOST IN THE SHELL (Nov 13, 2016)

Ghost In the Shell Building Night

The full trailer for the live action GHOST IN THE SHELL launched Sunday night November 13th in the concept building TABLOID, in Tokyo, with a full-on launch party which consisted of an exhibition of the film’s designs and costumes (included the “Robot Geisha”) and even has Batou’s Car exhibited outside of the building where the event was being held.

Scroll down for more select images of the event, via various streams - including Twitters @GhostInShell and cosplayer Linda Le AKA @VAMPYBitMe, @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN, and Instagram @igndotcom = ENJOY!

Ghost In the Shell Building Day
Above: Building Exterior by Day
Up-top: Building Exterior by Night

Batou's car from #GhostintheShell. Note the pastel interior! #GITStokyo

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BATOU’s car (below pic by @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN)
Ghost In the Shell Batou Car

The different Entry Passes for the event!
Ghost In the Shell Pass
(Above pic from @toshima9min / Below from @VampyBitme)
Ghost In the Shell Pass Linda Le

Ghost In the Shell screen
(Above: Preview party still via @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN
Below: Video of Preview Party by Linda Le @VampyBitme

Trailer Launched!

The first look at #GhostintheShell's take on the anime's iconic opening sequence. #GITStokyo

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Geisha are welcoming guests at #GITSTokyo.

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Easily the coolest #GhostintheShell prop at the #GITStokyo trailer launch event.

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Ghost In the Shell Geisha Exhibit

Ghost In the Shell Exhibition
Ghost In the Shell  Glitch


Another preview of the #ghostintheshell party in #Tokyo will post tons of video soon 💞#gitstokyo

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If you're a #GhostintheShell fan, this concept art should make you reeeeally excited. #GITStokyo

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