“They created me, but they cannot control me.” - New Trailer for #GhostInTheShell Shows a it is a "Revenge Flick"?

“They created me, but they cannot control me.”

A NEW trailer has just launched for the upcoming live-action GHOST IN THE SHELL feature film, which has quite a few new never-before-seen footage - featuring plenty of world-building, and character moments (including Singapore’s own “Chin Han” - Yay!), and essentially spelling out the plot of the movie.

’The Major works for Section9. Major realises there’s more to her origins than she had been led to believe. Major gets back at her makers.’ Yes, GITS is a cyberpunk “revenge” flick, I see that now … and that actually pisses me off more than I had hoped it would not have.


And while I understand this might not necessarily be a wholesale story based on the original anime source (if it was, folks’ve been up in arms about that too, no doubt), and would appreciate a slightly "different take" on this well-loved classic (by it's fans, myself included), hopefully adding to the lore of the GITS universe ... but having it now being a “revenge” flick (my interpretation), it truly has become a "Hollywood-COP-OUT" - a modern “action/adventure”-genre at it’s behest.

I am no doubt over-reacting, and frankly I do not feel at all “guilty” about it. And neither am I interested in, or will offer an "intellectual debate" about it. I can ignore the initial pleas about “white-washing”, I can trudge straight ahead even amongst the predominant negative reactions I have been receiving on my social media streams (“Facebook” is brutal when it comes to “opinions” lol) … but what broke my back, this Monday morning here in Singapore, is the cliched “revenge flick” gimmick.

Sure, I can "give it a chance", like folks have been asked to give the 45th President of United States "a chance" (HAH) ... and "revenge" flicks can work, and has in the past (cue "Kill Bill", "Deathrpoof" etc), hasn't it?

Or I’ll do the next best thing, and ignore the "story" component, and just focus on the visuals and aesthetics aspects, innit? Or maybe shut down this blog … Naaaaah - NOT gonna let that turn me away from loving GITS tho! And heck yeah, I'll still watch this flick! LOL

GITS Yakuza Virtual

GHOST IN THE SHELL starring Scarlett Johansson, Pilou Asbaek, Takeshi Kitano, Juliette Binoche, Michael Pitt, and directed by Rupert Sanders, opens in theaters nationwide on March 31, 2017 in the USA, and March 30th in Singapore.

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