Clips for #GhostInTheShell: "Building Jump Extended" & "Water Fight"

With the GHOST IN THE SHELL live action feature film premiering March 31st, a couple of clips have since been unleashed online - including the movie’s “First 5 Minutes” "Building Jump Extended" (above), and the “Water Fight” (featured below).

As much as it looked interesting for the above video (not wholly groundbreaking, but expectations are high and I will not apologise for this LOL), the Water Fight instead rubs me a tad uncomfortable, in the use of what looks to be excessive force, on a combatant that does to seem that violent (versus the 1995 anime for which this sequence replicates). “Sign of the Times”, perhaps?

1995 anime:

(Cheers for the headsup, @Sir_Narwhal)

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