My First (Non-Spoiler) Positive Impressions of #GHOSTINTHESHELL Movie

#ghostintheshell Entertain Me. Thnx :) #popcornx

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Okay, so this was what I tweeted after coming out of the earliest morning screening of GHOST IN THE SHELL feature film, via

”Go into #GhostInTheShell not expecting a direct copy of the 1995 anime, & you'll have a fine time being surprised w/ nods sprinkled all over.

While longtime fans might argue more could be packed into #GhostInTheShell film, as a general release it already is dense enough, IMO.

For folks still angling for the #whitewashing controversy in #GhostInTheShell, the issue of identity is addressed & I like it... light of identity issue addressed, #ScarletJohansson does extremely well in #GhostInTheShell & I wouldn't want anyone else.

Do not miss #GhostInTheShell if you have the chance. I am now glad I have 2 GITS in my life = the #Animes and this film :)

Sat in the credits, listening to the iconic #GhostInTheShell theme, and held back tears of joy, i sh*t you not. GOOD WATCH. Enjoy, people!”

… and while this is just a positive gist of my impressions, more of which will (hopefully) happen by the weekend, its tons of spoilers LOL

Not necessarily “the best”, but it certainly entertained me, and I am glad I caught it in the cinema hall.

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