#IAmMajor Fail - About That #GhostInTheShell Film Viral

Earlier in the weekend, Paramount Pictures started a #IAmMajor viral campaign utilising a “meme generator” to help promote live-action feature film for GHOST IN THE SHELL. And while I was “hoping” cosplayers and the like would take to the notion and shed a it of “light” and fun over the current negativity surround the film, but alas, the opposite has since over-taken the campaign, and flooded Twitter with a variety of said negativity, most of which are focused on the “whitewashing” controversy that has plagued the film, from Day One.

I’ve tried to include a couple of “positives”, but I had to dig, alas :p ... and the LAST tweet/meme hit hard tho (I am a fan of AKIRA the anime and could not agree more LOL).

A number of websites has since reported on this situation, while I’d held out waiting for su choice gems, which frankly, was a few and far in between.

WHY do I choose to post this up, on the night of the film’s Tokyo premiere? No other reason than any later would be jostling with the actual reviews of the film (compared to the 15minuter IMAX “preview” presented a week or so back).

Scroll down to gawk, chuckle or grimace, and check out your own on Twitter hashtag “#IAmMajor”
Also, do not mistaken it for the same hashtag (“#IAMMAJOR”) from musician”MAJOR”, who had just released his debut EP this week.

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