Ghost In The Shell PSA

“Movies aren't real, but they affect real people” - This “GHOST IN THE SHELL PSA” effectively shows how “white-washing” of the original Japanese character of “Motoko Kusanagi” - now named “Mira / The Major” as played by Scarlet Johansson - affects a person of who identified with the Asian character as a young child, to have that taken away from her as she grew up.

Independently created by Chewy May & Jes Tom, directed and filmed by Christine Shaw, with a score by Jen Kwok - the POV (*Point-of-View) is one held by many fans of the original anime, something which non-fans might not understand nor identify with, IMHO (see view below, as another POV).

The only way I have personally “reconciled” with (at this point in time, anyways) the casting, and even the remix of the theme for that matter - is that I will always have the original source to go back to. “Change” is inevitable, and most times change might be “cruel”, even though with the best of intentions - all to the eye of the beholder, I suppose.

I just hope to enjoy this film … and if I don’t? I’ll pop in the 1995 anime, relish it, then bitch about the live action later hahahaha

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