#GhostInTheShell Singapore Trailer

30-seconds trailer for the GHOST IN THE SHELL feature film courtesy of UIP Singapore, for when it premieres on Singapore screens and in MAX 3D on March 30th, 2016.

First time I’m hearing a narrator/voiceover for this film (for me, at least) … Folks might forget that, as much as fans of the O.G. anime or manga are both familiar with the story and as well have opinions, there are perhaps legion of folks "out there" who might have zero memories or impressions of GITS, and might need some help in understanding the reasons why folks should to plonk down cash for tickets and popcorn, come Premiere Day, besides recognising actress “Scarlett Johansson”, innit? :)

There is no need to wonder "WHY" Johansson was cast, in lieu of a "Japanese actress", the reasons are pretty clear cut, if you want them to be :)

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