"Creating The Shell" Featurette for #GhostintheShell

"Creating The Shell" Featurette for the live-action GHOST IN THE SHELL feature film (premiering March 31st in the USA), focusing on the “shelling”-sequence - infamous in the 1995 anime (see video at base of this post, becoz that’s how I roll) - along with works from Concept Designer Vitaly Bulgarov and some peeks at behind-the-scenes, to be viewed in tandem with the recently released video from TESTED about Weta Workshop’s for with the “robot skeleton”!

"Both from technical and a creative point of view Major's body was one of my biggest design milestones so far. ZBrush's was used for its sculpting tools, Moi3D was used for its CAD modeling tools and Softimage's for its SUBD tools to get the final result. I'm very grateful to the director for the trust he had in me during the project. It was one of those rare opportunities where I actually received plenty of time to first carefully design the entire mechanical skeleton in 3D and then cover it with cyber-muscles and later with synthetic skin panels. Huge thanks to Weta Workshop for making this into a real life size prop and to all the fellow concept designers and VFX artists involved in the project! Can't wait to see it on the big screen in 2 weeks! Cheers!" (@vitalybulgarov)

Vitaly is a gangster. @vitalybulgarov #ghostintheshell #scarlettjohansson

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chrysalis in mother-of-pearl #ghostintheshell #scarlettjohansson

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